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Central Heating Inhibitor

The importance of a central heating inhibitor can’t be overstressed. Whenever a central heating installation is drained down new inhibitor must be added. At regular periods the strength of the inhibitor should be checked.

Washing machine and dishwasher hoses

It occurred to me this evening that amazingly my appliances (and thus the hoses) are now over 10 years old. I was curious to see how often the hoses should be replaced and found this: It recommends replacing the hoses every five years. I will be getting two of these next time I’m in Screwfix.

At under £4 each it’s a no brainer to replace them to avoid a flood. You don’t need to be a Nailsea plumber to do so but if you need help or advice please phone me on 07702 938049.

Air in Radiators

When I was growing up my father would bleed the radiators in our house weekly. He had several plumbers look for the cause and had the pipework modified. Still, the “air” would come back. We moved to a different house which didn’t have the problem. Looking back I realise it wasn’t “air” but hydrogen caused by the oxidisation of the steel in the radiators. Flushing the system and adding an inhibitor would have stopped the problem. Sentinel has written a good article on the subject:

If you are having problems please call me on 07702 938049.

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